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Regional Services

Regional Ministry Representative / Consultant - Rev. Joe Sloan and Rev. Vicky Elder

The Regional Ministry Representative / Consultant works with both the WCR and UWM.

Duties to UWM include, but not limited to:
* Acts as consultant to Ministries and Ministers throughout the WCR regarding ministry mangement and anything and everything that entails.
* Works with the Judicatory Rep to make recommendations regarding Peacemaking, Conduct, Ethics, Policies and Procedures, etc.
* Reviews "other paths to ordination" applications.
* Reviews new expansion ministries.
* Reviews candidates for Transitional and Interim Ministers and Field Licensing.
* Serves on UWM Standards Ministry Team and makes recommendations to UWM's board.

Duties to WCR include, but not limited to:
* Serves local ministries as a WCR resource, acting as mentor, pastoral presense, coach, etc.
* Confers with the Jadicatory Rep on potential and active Ethics Review System cases.
* Travels to ministries to work with boards, Standards Ministry Team meetings, the Unity People's Convention and various trainings.
* Attends WCR board meetings (non-voting member).
* Prepares reports for the annual Ministers and Licensed Unity Teachers (MLT) meeting and WCR board meetings.


LUT Rep - Laurie Minsal, LUT

The LUT Representative is a resource for and provides guidance to all LUT's and Candidates and is a voting member of the WCR board.

Duties include, but not limited to:
* LUT information / announcements in the WCR newsletter
* Holds at least one annual meeting
* Acts as  liaison between LUT and ministry if/when needed.
* Reports alleged ethic violations to UWM LUT Coordinator and counsels the LUT in question. 


Chief Administrator Officer (CAO) - Kristine Krause

The CAO duties include, but are not limited to:
* Handles the CR's finances and provides reports to the Treasurer and board.
* Communicates with the Region's ministers, spiritual leaders and LUT's.
* Arranges all aspects of the annual MLT, in-person board meetings, and Board/Key Leader events, including speakers, agenda, venue, SEE credits (when applicable), registrations and menu.



Youth of Unity (YOU) Consultant - Mike Gomez

The YOU Consultant handles the various Regional events pertaining to 13-to-18-year-olds.

Examples of these include, but not limited to:
* Creates and teaches programs designed for spiritual, emotional and leadership growth for our teens, including Youth Leadership trainings.
* Leads weekend educational rallies.
* Holds regular planning meetings withthe current YOU officers.
* Works with the Chief Administrative Officer to ensure swift payment of event deposits, reimbursements, fees, etc.
* Is available to any ministry in the WCR that wants specific training for their youth or youth ed teachers.
* Attends WCR board meetings when requested (non-voting participant).



If a ministry is having a special event that is of Region-wide interest,
we will promote it by sending information to the Region's ministry leaders
and LUT's and if far enough in advcvance to the newsletter publisher.
Please contact the webmaster Laurie Minsal at laurieminsal57@gmail.com.


WCR Website

The WCR will include information for region wide events.
Any ministry wishing to have their events listed should contact the webmaster 
Laurie Minsal at laurieminsal57@gmail.com. Please add this email address to
your newsletter distributrion list. There are also directories of ministers, 
ministries and board/staff, as well as links. Please let us know of any
updates and we will change them on the website.